published 2020-05-07 13:00:00 1 How To Determine Your Hat Size? /blog/content/thumbnails/rare-monster-cotton-boonie-hat-1.jpg how-to-measure-my-hat-size This guide will help you confidently shop for hats online by discovering your hat size and whether you can use "one size fit most" category or you need a specific size for the most comfortable fit.

How to Measure Your Head to Determine Your Hat Size

There is no standard hat size that fits everyone, although some sizes are labeled as "fit most". This guide will help you confidently shop for hats online by discovering your hat size and whether it falls in the "fit most" category or not.

Rare Monster cotton boonie hat.

To determine your hat size, you will need a sewing tape or a soft body measuring tape. Don't use a self-retracting metal tape measure - it is not suitable for measuring body parts, won't be as accurate as a soft tape, and can be dangerous. Alternatively, you can use a ruler and a non-stretchy string of any type.

Measuring With a Tape

Sewing tape.

Place the beginning of the tape measure at the center of your forehead just slightly above your eyebrows, hold it with a finger so it doesn't move. Start wrapping around the widest part of your head until the two ends meet at your forehead. The sides of the tape should be half an inch to an inch above your ears. The main goal is to keep the tape around your ""head on the same level - don't measure at an angle.

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The correct placement of the tape is the most important part of the process. The tape needs to go along the exact circumference of your head where your hat will sit for the most comfortable fit.

Keep the point of your thumb on the tape to take note of the measurement. Do this several times to ensure accuracy. When you get the same measurement consistently - refer to our hat sizing chart below for a reference to your Rare Monster Hat size.

Measuring with a String and Ruler

Follow the same steps above, but keep your thumb on the spot where the string end meet, then lay it out on a flat surface along a ruler while still holding the thumb at the spot. Measure the beginning of the string to that spot against the ruler. Most likely, the ruler will be shorter than the length of the string and you will have to mark another spot on the string and measure the string in parts. For an accurate result, it is important to repeat the process several times if you are using a string. Compare the measurement to the hat sizing chart below to find your size.


- Use a non-stretchy string if you don't have a soft measuring tape.

- Measure a few times and get a consistent result to ensure you are getting an accurate measurement. This is especially important if you are using a string.

- Don't pull the tape too tightly or your hat may fit that tightly.

- If you fall between two sizes - choose the larger size.

If the measurement is in between sizes on the hat size chart, choose the next larger size. Remember, some materials, such as cotton, can shrink with time from washing, after getting wet in the rain, or just from high humidity. A slightly larger hat is much more comfortable than a hat that is squeezing your head.

Hat Sizing Chart

Measurement in Inches Hat Size Letter Size European Size
Size in Centimeters
21 1/8 6 3/4 XS 54
21 1/2 6 7/8 S 55
21 7/8 7 M 56
22 1/4 7 1/8 M 57
22 5/8 7 1/4 L 58
23 7 3/8 L 59
23 1/2 7 1/2 XL 60
23 7/8 7 5/8 XL 61
24 1/4 7 3/4 XXL 62