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Protective Face Mask / Neck Gaiter


Protective Face Mask / Sun Mask / Neck Gaiter / Balaclava / Neck Tube / Tubular Bandana.

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Made with breathable performance microfiber – the Rare Monster protective multifunctional headwear will save your face and neck from the baking sun in summer and from chilling winds when it is cold. It will also protect your face from insects or small particles and debris. This universal clothing item can be worn as a balaclava, neck gaiter, hairband, bandana, a neck warmer, a helmet insulator, a partial face mask, or a full-on face mask, or half a dozen of other ways. You will find this mask fitting many activities from fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, to skiing.


This plain-colored mask is designed for those who don’t like varicolored clothing items.

Face Masks Colors


Sun Protection
Don’t like reapplying sunscreen over and over to protect your face and neck from UV-rays? This very thin, lightweight, moisture-wicking face mask is rated UPF 30 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and will protect your face and neck from sun, wind, and even bugs.


Cold Weather & Wind Protection
Although not designed to protect from extreme cold, the mask will save your face from chilly winds. The quick-drying, breathable material will help wick away exhaled moisture, not letting it to accumulate inside.


Protection from Insects
As an additional benefit, the mask is comfortable and chemical-free protection from pesky bugs that always accompany you on your journeys. The mask’s material creates a barrier that makes it difficult for critters to get under your skin.


The mask will fit most people. The stretchy fabric fits different head types and sizes by creating a snug-fitting face and neck protective mask.


– Material: Polyester
– Size: Stretchable. One-size-fits-most adults
– Quick-drying
– Breathable
– UPF 30+
– Dimensions: (approx.) 20.5 (L) x 11 (W) inches
– Weight: Lightweight (~1.0 oz)


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