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Rare Monster Self-Retracting Measuring Tape



Rare Monster retractable fish measuring tape. 60 inches / 150 centimeters.

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There are size regulations for most game-fish. If you plan on keeping the fish you catch, you will have to take accurate measurements to stay within the length limits. Recording the size of your catch for bragging rights on social media is important, too. So, having a fish ruler at all times is a must.

This Rare Monster retractable tape measure is an essential item for your tackle box. It doesn’t take much space and lets you quickly measure your catch up to 60 inches (150 cm) without tangles. The tape is made from soft and flexible PVC plastic and won’t harm the fish.


Units: Dual scale inch/centimeter tape measure. Imperial (inches) on one side and metric on the other side.
Length: 60 inches / 150 centimeters.
Tape Material: Soft, flexible PVC/fiberglass plastic.