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Elastic Bait Thread


Elastic bait thread that will save you money on bait by keeping it longer on the hook.

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Rare Monster elastic bait thread for securing any type of bait on your hook or for tying roe bags. This thread will keep any bait on the hook longer, but it is especially handy for softer baits like pilchards, unfrozen bait, crabs, shrimp, squid, or clams – everything that has difficulties with staying on the hook. The thread will prevent bait from flying off the hook while casting. It will also make it harder for small fish to steal bait from your hooks.

Besides securing the bait on the hook, this stretchy thread is excellent for preparing spawn sacs, roe sacks, and dough bags for steelhead and salmon fishing. Wrap Rare Monster elastic thread tightly around the top of the mesh bag and snap off the remaining thread.

The elastic bait thread is very easy to use – no knots necessary. Just wrap it around the hook and bait and tighten it by pulling the thread until it snaps.

– 656 foot (200 meters) bobbin
– Thread diameter: 0.20 mm
– Plastic holder with a thread dispenser
– No knots necessary. Wrap around and tighten by pulling